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What is Ki(Qi) Energy?


There are three basic energies existed in this world, physical, life, and spiritual. The physical energies are light, sound, heat, gravity, and others which we can feel and experience easily in our daily lives. The life energy is the energy which plants and animals both have in order to sustain their lives. The plant receives light from the sun, take carbon dioxide, receive nutrients from soil and utilize all to do photo synthesis, and the end results is producing organic foods. Animals eat such organic foods as well as eating animals which eat organic foods. And, the spiritual energy is the high level of energy which plants and other animals do not have, but it is given only to human beings by God.

  All animals behavior is based totally on their instinct. Besides instinct, human beings have additional abilities such as thinking, emotion, soul, and mind. All of these abilities are part of “Spiritual Energy”. Maintaining three energies in balance are important to sustain our health and fitness, and how high can we bring up the level of spiritual energy determines how quickly we can recover from injuries and illness.

  Except direct physical force to our body to make us injured, the level of spiritual energy, which can be called Ki(Chi)-Energy, is the key factor to prevent illness and sustain health. Thus, lowering the level of Ki(Chi)-Energy has the direct impact on the lowering our immune system. The result is to increase susceptibility to illness and/or to injuries. Therefore, the occurrence of illness and/or injuries has a direct relationship with the level of Ki(Chi)-Energy in our body. This is why we say that the sickness comes from your lowered spirit (Ki, Chi or Qi). Once the balance of one or more of three energies is broken, we are either get injured or sick.

  The spiritual energy can be broken down to two categories, conscious and subconscious conditions. In the lifted state of spiritual energy in the conscious conditions, you can feel “ I feel like having high energy, high motivation, high persevere level”. “I do not know why but I have a lot of energy”. We all have these feelings once in a while under the conscious conditions. Conversely, in the decreased state of spiritual energy in the conscious condition, we can also feel “weak energy, loss of motivation, lower tolerance level” etc.

  It tends to be thought that these conscious conditions occupy most of our daily conducts and phenomenon. However, it is not true. Within the spiritual energy, the percentage of conscious condition is believed to be only 10 to 15 % of total. And the remaining 85 to 90% belongs to senseless, unrealized conditions called subconscious condition. Due to unspecified yet true existence, Ki(Chi)-Energy belongs to within the subconscious ness level of spiritual energy.

  There are countless conscious activities we do daily including study and work. And the science and medicine is existed as a part of its extension. The science and medicine have progressed dramatically in the 20th century and contributed greatly in today’s society. As a result, we become so much relying on science and medicine. And we only accept things and phenomenon if it is scientifically and/or medically proven even though there are many unproven things and phenomenon occurred in this world.

  The world of Ki(Chi)-Energy does not belong to the narrow world of science and medicine which is only 15% of total phenomenon. It belongs to the rest of the world which is 85% of the total phenomenon. Therefore, things impossible to understand scientifically and/or medically in the narrow 15 % world can become quite possible in the rest of 85% world that belongs to Spiritual, Ki(Chi)-Energy world.

  We, humans, have some Ki(Chi)-Energy within ourselves. But it is difficult and often dangerous to use it since the amount of Ki(Chi)-Energy we have is small and limited. If you have some experiences in the field of Chinese Ki(Chi)-Energy treatment called Chi-Gong or Qi-Gong. you may have seen that Chi-Gong masters get very tired after the healing session. This is because he/she utilize his/her own energy to heal a patient. The result is shortening of his/her own life. Most Chinese Chii-Gong masters die in younger age. Our own Ki(Chi)-Energy is limited, however, there are unlimited Ki(Chi)-Energy existed in this universe, and if we use it efficiently and effectively, we may be able to concur any type of illness and injuries.

  When the balance of energy is broken by some reason and become ill or injured, Master Shin withdraws Ki(Chi)-Energy not from his body but from the universe and apply it to the problem areas for healing.

  In recent years, because of too many unsolved uncured sickness and diseases in the field of Western medicine have been found, many conscious medical doctors have started to pay attention to out side of their own field. Those fields are called as alternative medicine, complementary medicine, or integrative medicine. Within these fields, acupuncture, massage therapy, herb therapy are now included. The acupuncture was not accepted in USA until 10-15 years ago because it was not scientifically and medically proven its effectiveness. However, though it is still not proven, it is widely accepted and utilized in USA because its effectiveness.

  Unfortunately, Master Shin’s Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy is not yet recognized widely nor proven its effectiveness scientifically and medically. However, this will be recognized and accepted as the best alternative to Western Medicine in near future not only in USA, but also in the world because this is the most amazingly safe and effective therapy method to heal one’s problems.